Monday, December 9, 2013


We spent a long weekend in Tuscany, meeting up with Uncle D (who joined us from Naples). As with all things Tuscan, we were treated to a feast for both eyes and stomachs.

     Our first stop in Tuscany, and our first fancy Italian dinner since arriving into Italy - made even fancier thanks to T!


     Spectacular sights, and an equally spectacular truffle-laden pasta. 

San Gimignano:
      Views and vittles combined, including a dessert feast for and of the eyes; a sweet finish to our weekend!



  1. Very cool! nice pictures, especially the one of the truffles fettuccine :)

  2. The waiter noticed me staring at my dish with reverence normally reserved only for Papal visits...and he then added a pile of fresh-shaved truffles to top it off. Yes, it was a religious experience!
    - Nick

  3. Jackie, I am enjoying your blog so much. What a wonderful adventure. I even gave my Mom the link to follow as well. Merry Christmas to you all & Much love to David as well. xo Laurie Cipolla

  4. Thanks Laurie! It is an adventure to say the least! Glad you're enjoying it -- and please give my regards to your mom and siblings!! xo J