Thursday, November 14, 2019

Let's Leave the Country Again — You Too!

For anyone who stumbles upon this blog, we have another installment of our story. Jacqueline (the mom of PDXpats) wrote a book on how other people can create their own version of an adventure beyond the border: Let’s Leave the Country! A Guide to Your Family Year Abroad

The book will help anyone navigate the challenges and rewards of making such a leap no matter the destination. It's based on our Italian experience and that of dozens of others who've lived a bit in other countries, or even traveled around the world for a while. If extended time away intrigues any part of you, know this: it's entirely possible and worth the effort (just click through our blog!).

In Let’s Leave the Country! you’ll get a richer slice of our Giorni-a-Genova story not told here, and you’ll also get plenty of other examples of temporary life abroad. Most important, the book includes the blueprint to your adventure, should you choose to create one!  (Available in eBook and paperback on Amazon and BN, or download via the App store to read on your iOS/Mac device.)

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