Wednesday, April 16, 2014

La Nuova Residenza

Our new apartment is all about urban living, as seen in the panorama above. (And unlike the video below, this photo spares you the sounds of the beginning trumpeter who has been practicing in the courtyard of an adjacent building...for over 5 hours!) 

We look onto Via Cairoli, within the labyrinth of streets adjacent to Via Garibaldi  (formerly known as "La Strada Nuova"). These streets are lined with what were once the palaces of the nobles of Genoa: a series of Palazzi dei Rolli in Renaissance and Baroque styles, built between the 16th and 18th Centuries. This makes for enchanting and educational walks to and from school!

Our apartment is a small portion of what was likely a noble residence long ago, based on the intricate terrazzo floors and 18-foot ceilings. Those ceilings also provide enough space for the 4 of us to share one big bedroom, with a loft sleeping space set above the girls' sleeping area - which we've adorned with sparkling curtains to give it a truly noble feel! As with the speedy walkthrough of our first place back in September, here's another kid-lead video tour:
Smile!  And, click here!

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