Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Giorni Dopo Genova

After a series of sad goodbyes in Genoa, we are ending our adventure the same way it started last summer: with a road trip around Europe. The first set of days after Genoa (i giorni dopo Genova) took us to Southern France (Nice), and then to Central Switzerland (Thusis). 

Our stop in Nice coincided with Bastille Day, which meant that "explosive situations" were all around us: from narrowly avoiding a protest as it passed through the central square, to taking in fireworks at the shore in the evening.

Video clip here.

Switzerland was much more tranquil, stopping in the Beverin Nature Park area to take in the incredible natural beauty. (Okay, even Swiss money is beautiful!)

(Video clip here.)

All of this travel is already taking its toll on the kids (and the highways are taking plenty of tolls from us). Although this blog often suggests it's all cooperation and contentment, there's ample bickering and boredom too!
Or, maybe they're just mad that mom and dad finished the wine?!

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  1. I am SO going to miss these posts. Enjoy this last stage of your amazing year!