Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Genoa Goodness

We've enjoyed a kind of "greatest hits" during our return to Genoa, revolving around friends, food and fun.

From the outset, we were greeted at the airport by friends and focaccia - two of our most-missed aspects of life in Genoa! 

(Our matching t-shirts honor our wonderful hosts and a shared passion to clean up the often-soiled, otherwise beautiful narrow walkways of the medieval city center - one of our least-missed aspects of life in Genoa! In Italian they read: "Those who clean up their dog's poo go to heaven.")

A picnic followed later in the week, reuniting the girls with many of their classmates, as well as all of us with the lovely families from the school. It was a great gathering, and the girls had fun introducing everyone to "classic American snacks" we brought with us: fruit leather and turkey jerky. (Both of which quickly became two of the most-shunned foods laid out on the picnic tables!)

Palates were cleared and we were refreshed by multiple gelato and granita visits in the days that followed, plus a dip in the Mediterranean to beat the brutal heat. 

Next stops: outside of Genoa and (hopefully) out of the heatwave!

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