Friday, August 7, 2015

Road Trip(s)!

We've enjoyed some great trips to areas near Genoa, and (mostly) away from the heat.

Coolest of these (literally and figuratively) excursions: a visit to the spectacular underground caverns of Grotte di Toirano:

The cooling and cool properties of stone castles and fortresses have also been on the itinerary, including a trip to Forte di Bard with dear friends from Genoa.

And also a trip to see relatives in the town of Bardi, plus a repeat visit to its medieval castle.

The Mediterranean again offered a respite from the heat, this time courtesy of the beautiful village of Cervo and thanks to our beautiful friends who shared their get-a-way with us.

We also reunited with David and Stacey near Parma, for a shady and successful navigation of a massive bamboo labyrinth, followed by equally massive gelatos. (As well as Stacey successfully navigating a "get yer own!" battle with David!)

Everyone was a bit road weary, but the ever-present Autogrills on the Italian freeways (Autostrade) provided salvation and sustenance: offering everything from plentiful pasta to piglets, massive marshmallows to moscato, and lots and lots of coffee!


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