Sunday, August 18, 2013


We set out for a week of adventuring during the Italian holiday time of Ferragosto.  (We have been happy to adopt this Italian tradition, derived from Feriae Augusti -- Augustus' rest -- which is a celebration introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC.)

The first part of the week was spent playing with our friends from San Francisco, as they wrapped up a summer-long sabbatical. 

We stayed at Agriturismo Tenuta Le Sorgive, complete with vineyards, barn animals, swimming and archery.

Bambi didn't stand a chance!

Then it was on to a visit with J's cousins in the remarkable castle town of Bardi, and the nearby villages.

We stayed in a turn-of-the-(last)-century cottage belonging to one of the cousins, and took in the rich history of the home and the unique life of the tiny town of Crederola that's now only populated during the summer and especially Ferragosto.

Our stay included a visit from a gelato truck one afternoon, that also sells frozen food to the remote homes. (The girls stuck with Popsicles and ice cream, despite our insistence that frozen piselli -- peas -- would be a novel choice!)

With heavenly blessings on our rental car, we returned safely to Genoa, feeling a bit more Italian and ready to start fully settling into our new city!