Monday, August 5, 2013

Genoally Doing Great

We arrived into Genoa on Friday and have started to adjust to our new surroundings.  

Many things are requiring adaptability:

The concept of a "street" in Genoa...

Vertical Living!

The hike to our apartment...and then up the 5 flights of stairs...

Doing laundry...while fighting acrophobia! 

Sharing a bedroom...

...or not!

 Battling the apartment heat...

Many, many things are also amazing!

Blowing bubbles and watching them drift down the street.

Forced fitness!

And incredible views from the Piazza above our apartment.


  1. Benarrivati! I am so excited you are finally there and settling in. Siete bravissimi!

  2. Such a wonderful snap shot of your new life. The clothes line is amazing.

  3. Thanks for the comments. As a friend who has done this Adventure in Italy thing before told me, "you will feel like the blood has been drained from you and the same time more alive than ever." That pretty much sums it up. Part of me feels like this is "camping," with us being out of our routine of American luxuries/efficiencies. And the other part is wowed at every turn. Finding our equilibrium! (and missing our friends back home!) -J