Thursday, August 29, 2013

Third Time is (Not!) a Charm

Our indoctrination into Italian bureaucracy continues. This week was about securing our Residence Permit from the Genoa Questura: “General Headquarters of the Internal Police.”

Day 1 (Tues.)
     We made the cross-town trip, ready with the forms, authorization stamps, photos, proof of payment, and related documents. We were also ready with snacks and games for potentially bored children, and a full tank of patience for us.

Result: It seems the Visa for your children was issued in a way that requires additional paperwork. Please return with it tomorrow.  (Hey, at least this involved several handsome, uniformed Italian policemen!)

Frustration Level: Quattro (4)...

Day 2 (Wed.)
     Paperwork in hand, we return to the Questura after a nice lunch, feeling fueled and cautiously optimistic.

Result: When we said "return tomorrow," we meant in the morning. The people who need to review your materials are not here in the afternoon. (Maybe we should have taken a hint from the exasperated guy at the window while we were waiting.)

Frustration Level: Sei (6), and rising...

Day 3 (Thurs.)
      We wake up early, brew the morning macchiato and stretch out our patience muscles. Off we go, stopping outside the building so the girls can offer a fingers-crossed prayer, before we run the now familiar gauntlet to the clerks.

Result (after much deliberation among several administrators): Sorry, but you’ll need to produce these documents with official designation from the State of Oregon. And, you'll also need an authentication stamp from a separate office here in Genoa. Your new appointment with us will be in October.

Frustration Level: Undici (yes, that’s 11!)


  1. Mi piace. Undici! È la scala 1-10?

  2. Si, 1 a 10. Hai mai visto il film [This is] Spinal Tap? Famous scene from that movie about going up to 11... After getting on the phone with the Italian Embassy here, and the State of Oregon, we think we have a solution. Fingers crossed!