Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fun Foods

Like my little sister's blog post on crazy creatures, this is another way we're thinking about this last year: we have seen (and tasted!) some very unusual foods. Here are some things we have noticed…

     Any kind of meat and every part of the animal is considered okay to eat (not only in Italy, but in many other places we are visiting). You also can't get grossed out if you want to go to the markets in Italy - sorry about some of these pictures! And you have to get used to not having things neatly cut up or organized or put into packages for you.

If you like all kinds of breads, Italy is the place for you!
This is a Genovese specialty we will miss a lot: farinata, just out from the oven!

Because Genoa is on the sea, every type of seafood can be found. Octopus is a popular dish, but not popular with me or my sister or my mom!

Also there are some really strange foods. We even found dog food shaped like pasta!

And the best part (saving the best for last of course) is dolce – dessert – of every kind you can think of. We even found gelato shaped like sushi, but fortunately made with ice cream.  

It is hard to decide on a favorite dessert, but granita is one that we will really, really miss having.  
It was soooo good we even had it in wintertime!

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