Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kids’ View

The richness of this roadtrip experience is undeniable, but doesn't always enthrall the girls. As we've said in prior posts, they often help us remember that the most enjoyable and entertaining parts of life can also be the simplest. Recent examples:

     When asked for the most memorable part of their action-packed sightseeing day, responding with, "having my first Starbucks treat since last summer!"

(Oh the shame, even after a year of taking them to Italian coffee shops!)

     Noticing that the solemn statue of the founder of the University of Bergen - when viewed from the side - seems to suggest the college has a healthy "endowment."

     Strolling down a German street and hearing the girls giggle and then ask, “Dad, how do you think that sign is pronounced?!”

Or, in Norway:
“Take a picture if us under this sign!”

     They both also display incredible “playground radar”: able to locate the nearest swing set or play structure, no matter how many tourist or historical sites stand in their way!
Video clip here.  
(Don't worry, grandparents, it wasn't quite as dangerous as it looks!)

     Even (or perhaps especially?!) our frequent bathroom stops can be a source of silliness.

     And here's a typical exchange:
“Kids, what do you think of this remarkable artistic (or cultural, or
historic) landmark?”
“Yeah, that's okay, mom and dad. But check out this BUG!!”  
(Or snail, or any other creepy crawling critter!)

    Finally, passing the many hours in the car by taking photos not of the dramatic scenery, but of each other! 

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