Tuesday, August 12, 2014

London Last

We came back to London, just like when we started everything last year. This time we are with friends from Genoa. My big sister and I are having fun.

Going on kids' paddle boats at Regents Park. That was really fun (we kept bumping into each other), and there were also cool birds around the pond.

Hiking up a big hill to see a nice view of London.

Riding on double-decker buses and the Tube.

Seeing the musical of Matilda, and now practicing the songs.

Visiting the Rosetta Stone, which was much better than Italian lessons using Rosetta Stone before we left for Italy!

Playing with the "Panda Cat" that lives next door to our friends' place. My friend had met this cat just before we came to London, and she gave him some fish so the cat would keep coming back. 

And also getting a handmade gift from our friends, for when we go back to Portland on Friday. It is awesome!

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