Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Car Craziness

Many choices for our final post from Southern France, not surprisingly, most of them food related: funky French cheeses; dainty dogs under caf√© tables at nearly every restaurant; not a single wine to whine about; and of course, “I never met a French pastry I didn't like.”

But we’ll go with Car Craziness, as a recurring theme from this last week: car radar constantly sounding the alarm as we parked or drove along narrow "streets" in Arles; the unusual traffic signs, some of which seemed to have a distinctly French flair; the occasional battles in the back seat over the imaginary border separating the girls (oh, that it had been a soundproof border!); and, the amazing sights that kept Jacqueline on her toes as we drove along.

We’re happy to leave the car behind as we head to Prague, and happy that the only damage was to our credit card when refueling!

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