Sunday, July 7, 2013

Purge, Pack, Prep…Phew!

3:20am, bags packed, and we have finished what feels like a 3-week marathon. 

It has been both physically and emotionally exhausting, as well as liberating: we’ve moved well over a ton of items out of the house, lightening the weight both on our home and our psyches. 

That part feels good, even as we deal with some hard goodbyes -- like the girls’ last cuddle with the sweet cat that visits us regularly. 

It’s also a sign of our stress level that we’re actually looking forward to a long flight as a chance to rest!  Still, we can’t complain, since we’re finally heading out on our adventure in only a matter of hours. 

This deserves a glass of champagne on the flight…or maybe a bottle of Prosecco.  



  1. I am so excited for your family adventure. I can't wait to hear. I can't wait so bad, I'm going to ask Leslie about going to Italia next summer. Miss you all. Hugs. Uncle Ray

  2. You must be totally exhausted...and excited at the same time. Good work using the opportunity to purge some stuff.

    I hope your adventure begins smoothly and you get a chance to relax!