Saturday, July 27, 2013

City of Extremes

Charles Bridge

Much of our time in Prague felt like a study in contrasts: modern and ancient, capitalism and communism, freedom and oppression. 

The Jewish Museum was an especially difficult part of the visit, and we wrestled with making sense of the kind of extreme oppression and evil that eliminated over 80% of Prague's Jewish population.  

But our last day was mostly joyous, made more so by the extremely generous and wonderful Czech family who took us around.  (They are the renters of our home in Portland, and made time to see us before they move.) And by "took us around," we even mean carrying a weary Mattea along the streets of Prague.

Not to mention ending our day with fish-powered pedicures, for the viewing pleasure of those passing by the window on their way to Charles Bridge.

Next stop, Italia!!

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