Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Grampy and Grandma Cara in "Paris"
On our vacation to Las Vegas Nevada, for my grandparents 50th anniversary, I found out that it is not that similar to Oregon. 1) there's blazing sunlight, 2) It's over 100 degrees 3) Well obviously from the last 2 it's a desert, and 4) you can travel  the whole world only an hour and 45 minutes away from home
The Volcano Eruption at The Mirage with my aunt and uncle!
Wax museum!
                     We first went to see "a volcano erupt." Next we went to the wax museum they have there and "took a trip in a car with Elvis Presley" then we saw the man in stilts, right after that we went to see the mini "Venice" and last but not least we went to New York, New York (that's what they call it) and my uncle and I saw the statue of liberty.
Venetian Stilt Man!
 New York, New York with my uncle!

It smells so terrible in the Casinos if you go in. It is legal to gamble in Vegas. People give out alcoholic drinks (not to the kids!), people drink the drinks, start smoking, start Gambling, and before they know it those people have lost all of their money!

So just if you go to Las Vegas, go to all of the sites, don't be surprised to smell and see cigarettes, and remember to bring a fan and some sunscreen!


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