Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tres Hot, Tres Cool!

Okay, so we're really trying not to make this blog a "look at the fantastic things we've done" travelogue...but today was pretty extraordinary!  ;-)  We started with a visit to the medieval town and ruins of Les Baux de Provence, overlooking the spectacular countryside. 

Along with friends from Portland (who are in Arles on a summer house exchange), we finally succumbed to the heat, which was well into the 90s.

We decided to visit the enormous -- and cooler! -- rock quarry nearby. This quarry was used to extract limestone for hundreds of years, for constructing the buildings of Les Baux. 

We discovered that the interior, pitch black, cavernous quarry is currently an art exhibit of sound and music, Carrières de Lumières. The masterworks of Monet, Chagall, Matisse, Renoir and others are projected in high resolution onto every surface of the quarry.  The "rooms" are 30-40 feet tall and some are hundreds of feet long. It was truly jaw-dropping, and the girls danced and delighted as they were enveloped by the art. 

This is certainly a highlight of the trip thus far, although the girls seem to have found their bug sightings today just as memorable! 

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